Can Kaze die in conquest?

Is Kaze dead?

In my version, Kaze died, and it was a shock to me. It was the first major death of the game, and Corrin's reaction was good enough for me to feel a true sadness when watching his cutscenes.Mar 16, 2016

How do you recruit Flora Fe fates?

The player can recruit her in the My Castle once the Fire Orb reaches level 3 after Chapter 18 of Conquest. In Revelation, the player can recruit her once the Ballista, Fire Orb, or Launcher reaches level 3 after Chapter 22.

Does Kaze have a child?

Profile. Midori is the daughter of Kaze, the cousin of Asugi, and the niece of Saizo.

Is Kaze good Feh?

Good Res. Kaze's base 34 Res is good and allows him to take a hit from many mages, and gives him the option to use Specials that scale with Res such as Iceberg and Glacies.

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image-Can Kaze die in conquest?

What's the meaning of Kaze?

wind, air, style, manner.


What is Kaze?

Kaze (風) is the Japanese word for wind.


How do you get MOZU Fire Emblem fates?

Mozu is one of the first characters that can be recruited in a side quest "Paralogue" regardless of which path you take. She also exhibits a skill that increases her growth rates similar to that of Donnel in Fire Emblem: Awakening, who was also a villager.Feb 18, 2016


How do I get velouria?

Velouria is the child offspring of Keaton, and like him is half human, half wolf. Velouria will be able to join the main character's army as soon as Keaton achieves and S-Rank Support with a member of the opposite gender, and is found in a Paralogue side quest.Feb 25, 2016


Can you recruit flora in birthright?

Flora is a maid in service of the main character Corrin, along with her sister Felicia who is also a maid. As daughter of the chief of the Ice Tribe, Flora will not join your army until later in the game, and even then cannot be recruited to fight except through special means.Dec 12, 2016


Is there any information about Kaze?

Few records of Kaze exist. Numerous poems of the time say he worked for his homeland and for Corrin from the shadows. His gentle yet mysterious nature made him a legend among ladies. While no official records of Kaze survive, he appears in many rumors and tales of heroic exploits.


What happens to Kaze after he saves the Army?

Grateful for Kaze's rescue, their bond is fortified and the army moves on to Nohr. Kaze survives as a result, and therefore can be used in any future chapters. If Kaze has achieved an S-Support rank, Midori's chapter can be unlocked.


Who is Kaze in Fire Emblem Fates?

Kaze (Japanese: スズカぜ Suzukaze) is a character in Fire Emblem Fates. He is a ninja in the service of Ryoma. Kaze forms the red-green duo with his brother Saizo, despite not being cavaliers. Unlike his brother, he accompanies Corrin regardless of their decision.


What does Kaze do in Hoshido?

Kaze assists the other Hoshidans in fending off invisible soldiers attacking Hoshido. After the capitol is destroyed, Kaze joins up with Corrin and guides them to the Wind Tribe where they are attacked by Faceless monsters, to which both dispatch.

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